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LOVE & LIBERTY is pleased to host this online collection of original works by Canadian artist MILES LOWRY. A selection of the works in this collection were on display and interrupted by Covid-19 at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Massey Sales Gallery in Victoria, BC March 12 - April 12, 2020. 

Please enjoy this constantly changing exhibition.




"Breathing Spaces is a solo exhibition of works created during my continued artistic residencies in Ireland. This current series reflects a fresh attention to landscape on the edge of abstraction.


The paintings manifest through complex brush marks and layers of translucent and opaque atmospheres. In some ways the brush-marks suggest the meditative detailing of mandalas. Layers of mineral pigments are controlled by the flow of water over the surface of the Mulberry paper. The colour is brushed, poured and thrown. The paper is creased and crushed and eventually mounted flat to birch wood panels. The final layer is a fine coating of bees wax sometimes infused with pigment or scraped away. Each layer combines with the previous to add definition, to create colour tension, and to gesturally define abstract space. It is the world in a state of becoming visible.


The resulting process feels as if the paintings were made by rain and wind and sun, a feeling that comes from the Irish countryside in the May-time called Bealtaine. My aim with Breathing Spaces is to share a time away, an interval and opportunity to be simply present in the world with nature." 


- Miles Lowry

This exhibition was created as part of Lowry's 2019 Residency at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre, County Monaghan, Ireland.

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