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Can I request a payment plan? 

We are happy to help you acquire your dream-artwork with an option to purchase via a payment plan of 3 installments! Please email us with your request including the title of the artwork and the length of time you wish between payments (either 15, 30, 45, or 60 days).

Upon acceptance, we will send you a link for the first non-refundable payment of one-third the total value. Once you’ve sent the first payment, the artwork will no longer be available to the public for sale. The second and third non-refundable payments of one-third will be due as agreed - upon which the artwork will be released/shipped. Note: We are not responsible should the artwork sell within the period of you sending your request and us accepting it. Should you fail to communicate, renegotiate terms, or pay as agreed, the artwork will be returned to the gallery for sale or to the artist. We are not responsible if the artwork is no longer available after this time. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable as credit to another artwork or as gift to another person.

I see some artworks have 'MAKE AN OFFER' as an option - can you tell me more?


Select artworks have a ‘Make An Offer’ button. This is an opportunity for you to collect a piece of artwork you love through negotiation. Email us and offer an alternative amount. We are more likely to accept reasonable offers of 5-20% off the List Price. Factors we consider may relate to the size of artwork and shipping. We reserve the right to respectfully not accept your offer at all or to counter offer with another amount. We are not responsible should the artwork sell within the period of negotiation. 


I really like Feathering. Will you sell me the original painting?


Often the original image in which an edition is based is unavailable, as is the case with Feathering. This is not always the case, so feel free to contact us to ask. 


Can I come to your store?


Love and Liberty is an online gallery. We have a working atelier in Victoria, BC which is available by appointment only. Some examples of editions from this website may be onsite, but really - it is a working artist studio featuring Miles Lowry. Here you will see a variety of unique original works not available via reproduction.


Can I have my print shipped faster by FEDEX?


Yes. If you have a FEDEX number you’d like us to use please leave it in the message box upon checkout.


How are prints packaged?


Prints are packaged for shipping depending on the size of the print. Small works may be sent flat in multi-layered cardboard. Larger works are rolled in a wide-mouth 4-inch cardboard tube.



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