I really like Feathering. Will you sell me the original painting?


Often the original image in which an edition is based is unavailable, as is the case with Feathering. This is not always the case, so feel free to contact us to ask. 


Can I come to your store?


Love and Liberty is an online gallery. We have a working atelier in Victoria, BC which is available by appointment only. Some examples of editions from this website may be onsite, but really - it is a working artist studio featuring Miles Lowry. Here you will see a variety of unique original works not available via reproduction.


Can I have my print shipped faster by FEDEX?


Yes. If you have a FEDEX number you’d like us to use please leave it in the message box upon checkout.


How are prints packaged?


Prints are packaged for shipping depending on the size of the print. Small works may be sent flat in multi-layered cardboard. Larger works are rolled in a wide-mouth 4-inch cardboard tube.



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