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Three Trees - Trí Crainn by Miles Lowry

Three Trees - Trí Crainn by Miles Lowry


Original Artwork

Three Trees - TríCrainn

Miles Lowry
bronze powder and mineral pigments on cast cotton
lifesize male torso


Price is subject to change.

Date created: 2019

  • Three Trees - Trí Crainn



    Holly (Tinne), Ivy (Gort) and Fir (Ahn)

    Tinne is referred to as a bar of metal or ingot, referencing the hardness of the Holly wood used for chariot wheels.

    Gort means field and may refer to the Ivy’s brilliant green leaves rivalling a
    bright green pasture. Ivy is given a place of respect  because of its abiliity to overtake a mighty tree.

    Fir can also be the Pine, valued for its scent and respected for it’s height in the forest. A symbol of awakening new perspectives.




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